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"3 test"

- The Global Poverty Walk

Needed by 23/08/2013

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The Global Poverty Walk

Plan Location: Canberra, 2600, ACT     Category: Charity
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1. Now you've marked your plan a success, what about it makes you most proud?

We reached an amazing number of people and received great feedback/encouragement on our key message of Australia needing to play a greater role in alleviating extreme poverty around the world. We had more than 120 media interviews over 5 months and spoke to over 3000 school students.

2. What challenges did you face on your journey and what have you learned?

The main challenges were physical due to Matt getting blisters early on in our journey. Planning events whilst on the road was challenging but we had great support from a number of other organisations that ensured all our events were a great success. Our motivation during these times was knowing that millions of people have far less than we do in life so any hurdles just needed a bit of positive thinking to overcome them. We learned or reinforced the importance of building and maintaining relations both from a networking point of view but also from a mental health and happiness perspective.

3. What are some ways that PlanBig has helped you?

The PR assistance that was provided through PlanBig was invaluable in securing so much media attention. The assistance we received from another PlanBigger in the designing of our logo got us out of a sticky situation at very short notice and saved us a fair bit of money. The contacts that we were given with Bendigo Bank branches helped us to spread our message in some of the regional areas and several branches also provided support at our events including an appearance by Piggy at our Canberra event! and the support provided by Julia and many of the other PlanBiggers was great and it was fantastic to meet so many of them during our journey and through Facebook as well as on PlanBig

4. Is there anything else you'd like to share?

PlanBig really helped us turn our idea into a concrete plan and forced us to think through many aspects in order to communicate them online. The networking and ability to put a call out for resources meant we were struggling with the unknown all on our own. Plan Big is the best website I've ever stumbled across and I'm really glad I did - not only was our project a greater success because of it but we have also made many new friends especially Rose from Opportunity to Do, Shanil from Empower, Bindy from Bannockburn Bendigo Bank and Julia from Plan Big

1. Now you've marked your plan a success, what about it makes you most proud?


About this plan

Commencing in early February 2013 my husband and I will set off from Perth and will travel across the Nullarbor to Adelaide and then onto Melbourne and Canberra before finishing in Sydney in mid June.

Matt will walk the entire route, approximately 4,400km whilst bouncing an AFL footy – something that has never been done before. I will walk as much of the route as possible but will also drive the support vehicle and take care of all the logistics.

This walk comes on the back of a highly successful ride from Perth to Canberra in April/May 2012 which concluded at half time in the GWS vs Gold Coast in front of a crowd of 8,500 footy fans (   

As part of the awareness campaign we will be stopping at schools, sporting clubs and community groups along the way to present the world-class multimedia presentation 1.4 Billion Reasons which has been developed by the Global Poverty Project in conjunction with leading poverty eradication experts and economists.  

We are also currently liaising with several AFL clubs and other sporting bodies to have some players join us for sections of the walk, and to attend several AFL games including finishing the walk at half time during a game at the SCG in Sydney. 

Why is it important to you?

Right now, 1.3 billion people in our world live in extreme poverty, living on less $1.25 a day.  Over 7 million children die every year from and starvation related illness starvationes which can be prevented.  Through effective foreign aid extreme poverty has halved since 1990 and it is now possible to put an end to extreme poverty within a generation.

Currently Australia are committed to providing 0.35% of GNI in its Foreign Aid budget, however if we raise that to 0.5% (still only half of what some other countries do) we will save around 500,000 thousand lives each and every year. This is an amazing opportunity for Australians to play their part in eradicating world poverty once and for all. Its proven that Australian Aid is doing fantastic work in helping the world’s poorest out of the poverty cycle by providing them with the basic necessities of life.

Our mission is to bring this message to as many people as we can within Australia and strengthen the movement for all countries to unite and put an end to extreme poverty within the next generation.  During the walk we will visit schools, footy clubs, members of parliament and community groups to talk about poverty and to deliver the world-class multimedia presentation .

What are your goals?

We complete the 4,400km journey within the set time frame

We are able to organise to attend key sporting events to draw attention to the issue

We get the issue of global poverty in the media through coverage of our walk

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