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"3 test"

- Respice, adspice, prospice: Unifying the past present and future of Port Douglas

Needed by 23/08/2013

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Respice, adspice, prospice: Unifying the past present and future of Port Douglas

Plan Location: Port Douglas, 4877, QLD     Category: Local Area

About this plan

Port Douglas is not recovering from the Global Recession at the same rate as any other similar travel destination within Australia. It is struggling with a lack of identity - the recession has changed the goal posts, and changed the very nature of tourism in the area.

In the past, Port Douglas experienced a heyday remembered vividly and fondly by many.

Today, whilst it struggles with its identity, more and more lower-spend travellers are making their way to the town to experience what was, once-upon-a-time, not affordable. The new brand of money-conscious, van-driving, bare-footed traveller has the local population talking about the days of old, where travellers were willing to spend up large to be part of their small tropical town with its reputation as the playground of the rich and famous.

The state government, the local councils, business schools, and the individuals of Port Douglas have all thought long and hard about the future of Port Douglas: How to bring the average spend of travellers back to pre-recession rates, how to help the locals and the workers living in the town feel that their slice of heaven is important and valued, and how to ensure that that our new breed of low-spend traveller is not left out of the equation?

How do we create a Port Douglas identity that fits with its past, its present, and is future-proof?

I propose Social Media - specifically, a Facebook page.

The plan is simply to design a page that will appeal to, and gain followers from each of our 3 categories of important people: The travellers and locals of the past, the current population, and the potential traveller, in order to gain knowledge and insight into the Port Douglas of the past, the present and the future.


Why is it important to you?

The Big Reason behind my plan to start people talking about Port Douglas again is:

  • To pull together in a single forum the past travellers, the current residents and workers, and the potential tourists; to bring people onto the one page, so they are all talking about the SAME PLACE;
  • To help start the process of forming a new Port Douglas identity;
  • To encourage information sharing that may lead to an increase in tourism;
  • To ring a bell with travellers of the past, a reminder that Port Douglas is not lost, and could still be a good choice for future travels.
  • To encourage businesses to come together in a single place and discuss their town.


What are your goals?

  • I have an operational Facebook page
  • I have a logo for Port Douglas that people can identify with (I'm thinking a coat of arms), to be used as the Facebook page logo
  • I have 50+ followers of the page, including locals, travellers of the past, and future potential travellers or residents
  • The conversation switches from more than 50% about the past, to more than 50% about the present and about the future
  • To have 10 Port Douglas businesses following and contributing to the page

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