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"3 test"

- Return to the old-school action thriller!

Needed by 23/08/2013

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Return to the old-school action thriller!

Plan Location: Wahroonga, 2076, NSW     Category: Entertainment
Succesful plan Stamp

1. Now you've marked your plan a success, what about it makes you most proud?

That we realised one person's lifelong dream, and have made lifelong friends in the process, because we enjoyed the journey!

2. What challenges did you face on your journey and what have you learned?

That you get out of PlanBig what you put in. That sometimes the greatest help is in the belief in what you are doing, even when you don't believe in yourself. That PlanBig comes to the party in unexpected and life-impacting ways. That the biggest part of succeeding is continuously learning. And that we find inspiration, everyday, in the smallest things and the funniest of places.

3. What are some ways that PlanBig has helped you?

* The community helped us choose the final book cover * The community supported us in our social media presence * PlanBig made us a featured plan * PlanBig supported us with amazing media coverage and contacts to help raise awareness * The community believed in the success of the plan way before it was close to happening * PlanBig assisted with an amazzzzzing launch venue that knocked everyone's socks off - talk about WOW * PlanBig assisted us with a Go-Pos facility on the evening as a one-off, rather than being put on an ongoing plan for Mobile Eftpos (big help) * PlanBig sent us cards, mints etc to distribute to people at launch night * PlanBig seeded the book chapters to The Professionals forums and helped us reach new readers and audiences * Love, support, care and belief that we can't get anywhere else - from the community-at-large, from individuals and from all the staff at PlanBig.

4. Is there anything else you'd like to share?

Just a whole lotta gratitude to Jeanette, Terri, Sharyn, Julia, Michelle, Dianne and Nick, Cath and Eunice for all playing such a special role in making Chris's dream of becoming a published author come true.

1. Now you've marked your plan a success, what about it makes you most proud?


About this plan

My husband, former paratrooper Chris Allen, has finished his first novel, 'Defender of the Faith', and it's a firecracker! In the blockbuster, INTREPID agent Alex Morgan is on his first mission and so are we: to have it published and rocking readers in 2011!

Why is it important to you?

A decade of hard slog (what Chris calls 'a love and hate relationship') penning this book; multiple rewrites and late nights; great feedback from friends and publishers alike; and typing the book in his inimitable two-fingered style were all reasons for me to jump on board. Chris (or Gorgeous, as I call him) has wanted to become a writer since he was a teenager growing up in Perth in the 70's. Hugely influenced by the action stories of Ian Fleming, he joined the army to have the adventures he could then write about with verisimilitude. Nowadays, his action days are over and he is (very) happily married with our own little hero to care for, Morgan. Chris would like nothing more than to write a series of novels and screenplays charting the adventures and missions of Alex Morgan, books that become classics for men and boys to enjoy reading and rereading for years to come. He has already begun writing his second novel. I know what Gorgeous would say his current motivations are: to become a succesful, published author; to be able to work from home and see his family growing up every day; and to provide for his family well into the future.

What are your goals?

We reach devoted, passionate fans of the Alex Morgan INTREPID adventure series, whether by reading Chris Allen's books online, using fabulous reading software such as on the iPad or Kindle, and in the real world, thumbing through paperback versions of his novels.

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