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"3 test"

- Empower Malawi

Needed by 23/08/2013

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Empower Malawi

Plan Location: Sydney, 2000, NSW     Category: Charity

About this plan

  Empower Inc

This is a Empower Inc plan

We enable rural communities in Malawi to be self-reliant:

We will do this by a) Charting their vision for change. b) Providing access to sustainable technology (e.g. solar lighting) c) Capacity building for entrepreneurs and farmers (permaculture) c) Access to capital through community banking. Our pilot is in Zatuba Village - a community of 37 households with no access to electricity, running water, a lack of food security and poor sanitation.

Visit us at

Why is it important to you?

80% of Malawi's population is rural and only 2% of the rural population has access to electricity. We believe in being catalysts for change, mobilising the innate talent of people. We are tired of Africans in particular...being treated as the recipients of handouts/charity. It isn't working and it depletes the dignity of people. We believe that the provision of sustainable technologies can provide a firm foundation for poverty alleviation and empowerment. Increased productivity, safer and healthier homes, improved income generation, reduced deforestation and capacity building are some of the key impacts that will be delivered.

What are your goals?

To ensure that the Kapita region (38 villages) has a greater capacity to manage its development on its own terms by 2015 (our exit).

Specific objectives include:

-Increase adoption of renewable energy technologies.                                                                                                    -Increased adoption of organic agriculture

- Construction of a sustainable community center (Earthship)                                                                                                  - Improved financial inclusion via community banking.

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